Contemporary Mothers RingsThoughout the years, my family at have designed many different mothers rings, pendants and jewelry. We have done everything from modern to contemporary to the truely unique never before seen designs. But a ton of work goes into these designs and we love everyone we create. Today, I wanted to dive into some of our more contemporary designs of mother's rings. We have many on our website, and wanted to showcase a few of our more popular designs for you.


What is a Contemporary Design?


When we create contemporary designed jewelry, it's jewelry designed for now and what is most popular. Where as modern may look for futuristic in your view, contemporary will fit what's "in" now. There is a reason they are our most popular designs. Most women go for these types of designs. But if you are looking to purchase a ring for your girlfriend, wife or mother, you probably know what type of style she likes, just look at the furniture in your/her home...that should give you a pretty good idea what she likes.


Our Favorite Contemporary Mother's Rings


Now these are not the best sellers, but these are some of the designs we like the most. We will admit, they do sell well too...but we love them all the same!


Contemporary Mothers RingContemporary Mothers RingContemporary Mothers RingContemporary Mothers RingContemporary Mothers RingContemporary Mothers Ring


These are just a few of our favorite mothers rings with contemporary designs, but you can choose from dozens here in our shop. And if you don't see something you like, please call or email us and we would be happy to custom design anything you like.


Thank you,


The Mother's Family Rings Team