Key to Heart Mothers RingsOne of our most popular styles of mothers rings is the heart. This type of setting usually has a much deeper meaning behind it than other shapes. You are not only showing your love for your entire family, but you are showing love for the wearer of the ring or pendant. We know this, and it's why we have designed quite a few unique mothers rings with hearts in them. Unlike many of the mountings out there, these are truely unique and one of a kind.

Note: Something else that is unique to us. We only use the highest quality gemstones available. Honestly! The owner travels the world for the best gemstones and has been cutting gemstones for over 25 years. He knows how important the cut, color and clarity of a gemstone is.

Our Favorite Mothers Ring with Hearts

Probably our favorite design with hearts is the one below. This was designed by Christopher Michael Moriarty and though subtle, it displays a heart next to each birthstone. We love this design because the hearts don't take away from the classic style of this mothers ring. The ring is available in anywhere from 5 stones and above due to it being a band type mounting. It doesn't look nearly as amazing with fewer stones.  You can see this one and the others here. Each of our rings are available in gold, white gold, sterling and platinum metals.

Christopher Michael Design 3mm With Heart Accent

If you like this or want another design with hearts, you can call us at 1-800-348-4499 and we would be happy to custom design a mothers ring just for you. Truely one of a kind.

Key to Her Heart Pendant

Our name is Mothers Family Rings, but we also sell plenty of mother's pendants. And because we do, we wanted to come up with a unique design using hearts in a pendant. Once again, Christopher Michael Moriarty used his talents and designed this beautiful Heart Key Pendant.

Three Birthstone Key To Hearts Mothers Pendant

With this design, we are able to set 1 to 9 birthstones into it. So if you fit anywhere between that, this key heart pendant can be created just for you. Though shown in yellow gold, it can also be created in white gold, sterling silver and platinum. You choose the birthstones and it will be a one of a kind piece for you.

Other Styles

These are just a few of our favorites and the top sellers here. You can see the entire collection of heart mothers jewelry here. And if there is something special you are looking for, we would love to design something for you. Just call us anytime.

Thank you,

Moriarty's Gem Art