Vintage Mothers RingSeems like vintage has been coming back again clothing, in cars and even now in jewelry. In our retail store (Moriarty's Gem Art), we have a ton of vintage jewelry and estate items that people absolutely love. You can see those vintage items here. Or if you are near Chicago, you can stop by and not only see vintage jewelry, but many custom designs of jewelry for any ocassion. But let's get back to mother's jewelry. With mother's rings, they weren't that popular that long ago, so now, companies like us have been creating more vintage like mother's rings...that are actually new because it will be very tough to find an actual vintage mother's ring. You may find some cheaper designs found on Etsy, but if you are looking for a high quality piece, then you have found the right place here.


I actually spoke with our leading designer, Christopher Michael Moriarty, about designing some more vintage mothers jewelry, so expect even more designs through this year. Christopher is the one that has designed most of the rings that you see on this website. He has won a ton of design awards as well. You can see the design he has submitted this year right here. We have been listening to more of what our customers want, and if you want vintage, we will get you vintage styles. And whether you like the look of white or yellow, we can make your ring in either color...even rose gold is available through us.


Most Popular Vintage Looking Mother's Rings


For now we have a slender selection of these types of styles, but they sell very well. They are all made from heavy (not the cheap stuff) gold, sterling silver and even platinum if you choose it. The mountings are solid too...none of the hollow stuff you will find online and in other retail stores. All the gemstones and Diamonds used in our mothers rings are of the absolute highest quality, cut and clarity. Steve Moriarty (the owners) is a master gem cust This is why many of our styles are more than some of our's because we put more into the quality than the quantity. The designs below are some of our more popular vintage designs and are available in 1 to 6 stones.

One Stone ~ Two Stone ~ Three Stone ~ Four Stone ~ Five Stone ~ Six Stone

Vintage Mothers Ring Vintage Mothers Ring

Vintage Mothers Ring Vintage Mothers Ring


Again, you can find these and many other designs on our website here. And if you can't find something you like, remember that we custom design jewelry all year round and would love to make a one of a kind vintage mothers ring just for you. We can set it with any birthstones, Diamonds and into sterling silver, gold or platinum metals. And you would own the design. Just call us directly at 1-800-348-4499 or email us at and we will get back to you right away!