How Do You Find the Ring Size

Is this a gift for someone or even for yourself? If for yourself, the most accurate way to figure out your ring size is to visit your local jeweler or stop by the mall jeweler (you could also check out their poor quality compared to ours) and ask them to size the finger you will be wearing your mother's ring on. You don't have to purchase anything from them, just ask them for a ring sizing. They will do it for free. Then you know the actual size you will need to order. If this is a gift though, it doesn't really help to take them to a jewelry might ruin the surprise!

Another Option for Free Sizing

Still having a problem choosing the size? If you choose the stock size of 6 when you place your order with us, you can have the person sized at a local jewelry store and ship the ring back to us for free sizing. You only pay shipping back and forth. This way you are guaranteed to get the right size and they will still be surprised with your gift!


If you have questions, please call 800-348-4499.