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Sterling Silver Engraved Ring With 3 Natural Gems

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Sterling Silver Engraved Ring With 3 Natural Gems*

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SKU: 29017-3-s-sterling

Add name and birthstone of each Child.
Sterling Silver
Engraving Style-Script
Black enamel for accenting Engraving
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How do our birthstones compare to competitors?

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Add name and birthstone of each Child. Sterling Silver Engraving Style-Script Black enamel for accenting Engraving


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How Your Item Will Be Made

Here is a Video from Start to Finish on How Jewelry is Created by us!

Delivery & Creation From Here in the USA

Wonder why some jewelry stores online take 2-4 weeks to deliver your jewelry. This is because it's being done in China or another country and then shipped to you. All our work is done in-house by us! You can call us anytime and we will give you an update of the progress! We can even take picture of it in the making if you like!

Moriarty's Gem Art

So What's Makes This Item Different from Competitors?

Other companies use hollowed out sterling silver, gold and platinum. It saves them money and makes for a poor quality mounting. We only use heavy and solid mountings for all our jewelry. You can see the difference pictured below. Which ring do you want?

All our custom designs are created, cast, set and finished in-house by us. This is how the process works:

1) Chris Moriarty is the nephew of the owner and designs all the jewelry in our store and website. He has won numerous awards for his designs so you can be assured you are getting a very unique piece unlike anything you will see (Learn More About Chris Moriarty)

Mothers Ring Design CAD

2) From there your ring is cast by Larry Moriarty, the brother of the owner. He has been a master bench jeweler for over 35 years and will make sure your ring is perfect and ready to be set (Learn More About Larry Moriarty)

Mothers Ring Casting

3) Then the birthstones are chosen by Steve Moriarty, the owner. He has traveled the world in search of gemstones and has been cutting gemstones for over 35 years. He hand picks the gemstones for each piece.  Then your ring is set by Michael Moriarty, the son of the owner. He has been setting gemstones for over 10 years now (Learn More About Steve & Michael Moriarty)

Setting a Mothers Ring

4) Then the ring is cleaned, polished and reviewed by everyone in the store before it is boxed up and shipped to you fully insured (Learn More About Everyone At Our Store)

Final Mothers Ring Design

About Our Birthstones

Our Birthstones Vs. Competitors

Other companies use simulated and imitation birthstones. We only use natural birthstones and Diamonds. Other companies use lower grade gemstones and Diamonds, which are cheaper. Each of our gemstones are of the highest quality of color and clarity, handpicked by owner and master gemcutter, Steve Moriarty.

About the Birthstones in Our Jewelry

  • Quality Matters. A poor quality stone can be 1/3 the price of a natural AAA quality gemstone. We only use the highest quality gemstones.
  • Natural Gemstones. Imitation and Synthetic gemstones can be 1/10 the price of natural gemstones. We only use natural gemstones.
  • Diamonds. Just like Diamonds in engagement rings, the quality, cut and color matter. We use ideal cut Diamonds in white color with amazing cuts, chosen by owner, Steve Moriarty.

January: Garnet
January is garnet and we use Arizona pure chrome pyrope garnets which have a dramatic red color.  Our garnets will be flawless to the naked eye and finely cut. Source: Arizona   Treatment: None

February: Amethyst
February is amethyst a purple form of quartz. Each amethyst will be flawless to the naked eye and finely cut.
Source: Uraquay Treatment: Heat.

March: Aquamarine
March is aquamarine which is valued by depth of color. Ours are not the usual very light blue color but a richer medium sky blue color making them more highly valued. Our aquas are flawless to the naked eye and finely cut.  Source: Madagascar or Nigeria.  Treatment: Heat

April: Diamond
April is diamond and we use the top color grade which is colorless. All of our diamonds are flawless to the naked eye and have ideal cutting giving you outstanding brilliance. Our grading is F color and Si2 clarity.
Source: Unknown Treatment: None

May: Emerald
May is emerald. Although we use very fine emeralds some may show minor inclusions as only man made emeralds are flawless. Our emeralds are bright and clear and like all of our gems are natural with the finest color available.  Source: Varies  Treatment: Filling

June Alexandrite
June is alexandrite the rarest of all birthstones named after Czar Alexander of Russia, the original source. We are one of the few mothers ring sites to offer fine natural alexandrite. The unique character of this gem is that it changes color from green in daylight to a violet shade of red in home incandescent lighting. Viewing of the incandescent color is best in the evening when no daylight or florescent lighting is present.. If it does not have a noticable color change it cannot be called alexandrite. Due to extreme rarity some inclusions are to be expected and don’t expect too strong of red color. The green is the dominant color. Because of the high cost of natural alexandrite, we have recently started offering synthetic Chatham alexandrite, the manmade gem chemically and optically identical to the natural gem. Synthetics are of higher clarity and have optimal color change. Synthetic alexandrite should not be confused with imitation alexandrite which are glass or synthetic sapphire and are of lesser value and do not represent the birthstone for June. Source: Brazil Treatment: None

July: Ruby
July is ruby which is actually the red form of sapphire both being the mineral corundum. Natural stones will have some secondary violet to pink color although our current supply is very red in color. Minor eye visible inclusions are expected.
Source: Madagascar Treatment: Heat

August: Peridot
August is peridot and our gems are a fine apple green color with fine cutting and flawless to the naked eye.
Source: Arizona and China Treatment: None

September: Sapphire
September is sapphire prized for its fine blue color although it is available in every color except red. The color is most valuable when not overly dark. It should appear blue in all lights. We use top color with fine cutting and all are flawless to the naked eye.
Source: Sri Lanka and Madagascar Treatment: Heat

October: Pink Tourmaline
October is pink tourmaline or opal. We use pink tourmaline as it is more durable and the cutting style matches the other gems that will be in the ring. Our tourmalines are a medium violet pink color with fine cutting and flawless to the naked eye.
Source: Mozambique Treatment: Heat

November: Precious Topaz
November is precious topaz. Genuine precious topaz is difficult to get and is usually a light peach to golden color. We have the natural birthstone available although we offer citrine as it generally is an accepted alternative as it is more readily available and has a more intense color which stands out better in the ring. While it is available we recommend natural precious topaz as it is the true birthstone.
Source: Brazil Treatment: Precious topaz-None Citrine-Heat

December: Blue Zircon
December is blue zircon which can be distinguished from aquamarine by its greenish blue color and a high brilliance more like a diamond.  Fine cut and flawless to the naked eye. Blue topaz is often sold by some as the December birthstone as it is blue and cheap. Blue topaz is not an accepted birthstone for December. Source: Kampuchea (formerly Cambodia) Treatment: Heat

Safe Shipping

Our Safe Shipping Guarantee

We not only offer free shipping, but all purchases from us are shipped via USPS and are fully insured against loss during delivery. You must sign for your package so it will never be left on your porch or mailbox where it could be stolen or misplaced. We do also offer express shipping if you need it faster for a small charge, which is all insured and must be signed for. If you have any questions about our jewelry shipping please call us at 1-800-348-4499.


Easy Returns

Easy Returns

You have 30 days to return your item in the original condition. We will refund the amount paid minus our actual shipping cost and gift wrapping if chosen. There is a 20% restocking fee on platinum and engraved items. If you have questions, please call us at 348-4499 before returning any item.

Jewelry Care

Want to Keep your Jewelry Looking Amazing?


While Wearing Jewelry


  • Remove jewelry while doing manual work or tasks. This way you won't expose your jewelry to physical damage or any chemicals.
  • Don't wear jewelry while applying makeup. Hairspray, makeup and other items can expose your jewelry to damaging chemicals.
  • Do not wear your jewelry in pools or hot tubs. The chemicals can cause damage to the metal and/or gemstones.


Keeping Your Jewelry Clean


  • Don't wear jewelry while bathing or showering.
  • Use a jewelry polishing cloth to keep your jewelry looking shiny and new.
  • Clean your jewelry in jeweler-approved cleaners only.
  • Use warm water to clean your jewelry.
  • Do not use cleaners if your jewelry is damaged, discolored or broken.


Repairing Your Jewelry


Because we use higher quality metals and all natural gemstones, we recommend having your jewelry repaired by us or a local jeweler. If you have any concerns about jewelry purchased from us, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-348-4499.


How to Store Your Jewelry


  • Store your jewelry in a secure place like a jewelry box where there are less chances of it hitting other items that may damage it.
  • For sterling siver jewelry, place anti-tarnish strips wherever you are storing your sterling silver jewelry to prevent tarnishing.
  • Always inventory your jewelry. We even recommend insuring all jewelry with your homeowners insurance or Jewelers Mutual Insurance.

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