Bezel Set Mothers RingOne of the coolest type of setting work is bezel set. Not only is it a unique type of setting, but it's one of the hardest ways to set as well. At Moriarty's Gem Art, we do a lot of bezel set work, and actually have a few mothers ring designs that are bezel set. This makes for a very unique ring that most people haven't seen before. If this is a gift for someone, make sure they like modern jewelry, as this type of setting is very modern compared to something like a prong setting.

What is Bezel Set?

This is a setting where the entire Diamond or birthstone is wrapped in a complete metal edging. Instead of being held with prongs, metal is hammered around the entire stone. The metal actually covers the edge of the birthstone. It also make it more secure, but it's much tougher to set. You have to be very patient with this bezel setting, because it can be very easy to chip or break a stone, which is why it's not done that often. But once the stone is set, it secures it better than any other type of setting.

I See it With Engagement Rings, But Not with Gemstone Rings

The reason it's more popular with engagement rings is because Diamonds are much harder and have less chance of breaking during setting. When doing this type of setting with mother's rings, we are using all types of different birthstone, some being much softer, so it takes a lot more time and work to do it correctly. But we have been doing it for decades and are very comfortable setting any stone in a bezel set mounting. Larry Moriarty, Margaret Corley and Michael Moriarty from Moriarty's Gem Art will be the ones doing this type of setting work. Learn more about them here.

What Rings Are Available In Bezel Set?

You can see our entire selection of bezel set mountings here. They include white gold, yellow gold, platinum and rose gold mountings. Below we have chosen a few of the best selling mountings that are bezel set: