Birthstone Rings for Grandma!

Grandmother RIngsYes, here at we sell a lot of mothers rings and mothers pendants, but what about grandma! She's a mom too! Did you know we sell a ton of grandmother rings all year round as well? This is why we created so many unique mother's rings with up to 12 birthstones. Because grandmas have lots of kids and grandkids. We wanted to make sure there were rings and pendants that would work for grandma too. We don't have a specific selection just for grandmothers. Any ring or pendant on our website would actually work for grandma. You just need to select the amount of stones, the metal type and the size to have one custom designed just for her.

How to Choose a Grandmother Ring?

There are a variety of ways to choose the perfect ring for grandma that is unique too.

First we usually tell the gift giver to see what he favorite metal is. Does she normally where white or yellow jewelry? Maybe rose colored? This is because we can make almost any piece of jewelry on the website in 14kt yellow gold, 14kt white gold, 18kt yellow gold, 18kt white gold, 14kt rose gold and even platinum. The price varies depending on the metal you choose. About 75% of our customers choose 14kt white gold or 14kt yellow gold as those are the two most popular among women.

Second question is how you would like to lay out the birthstones. There are a few different ways people normally do this:

  • Just the birthstones of the kids
  • Just the birthstones of the kids and grandkids
  • Just the birthstones of the grandkids
  • Any of the options above along with grandma's birthstone
  • Any of the options above along with grandma and grandpa's birthstones on the outside

As you can see there are quite a few options for the birthstone layout. Of course the more birthstones, the higher the price will be.

Third question is the size. This can sometimes be pretty tough to figure out. If your grandma was like mine, she left her rings out a lot. Maybe you can sneak one out and go get it sized at a local jeweler. You can always ask her as well. Or what we have done in the past is tell her you are going to get your jewelry cleaned and you want to take hers as well.

You can also choose from a selection of grandmother rings by birthstone number.

Optional Gift:

One other option that we have done a few times is a single birthstone grandmother's ring for the arrival of her first grandchild. Sort of like a "push gift" for mom, this can be very special for the grandmother having her first grandchild.

Popular Styles

We have so many styles available on our website, it really depends on the "style" she likes. From modern to contemporary designs, we have it all. Or if you are ever interested in doing something completely custom, we would love to create a one of a kind ring just for her. But whatever it is you are looking for, I am sure we can help. If you have any questions before you order, please call us at 800-348-4499 and we would love to speak with you.

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