Everything You Wanted to Know about Mother’s Jewelry

Why are we writing this guide? Because, as a jewelry company, we get lots of questions on our jewelry, and many on mothers ring and pendants in general. I personally wanted to list some of the most popular questions we have received about mother’s jewelry and our answers. This way if you have any questions, you should be able to find the answer here!

What is the History of Mothers Rings?

You would think the history of the mothers ring goes back centuries, but really only since 1959 by the John C Nordt jewelry company. Back then, it was two wedding bands put together by the sons of a couple…as a gift to your own mother or spouse. It has changed quite a bit over the years though. The rings we have sold on our site are what the popular look is now. Still given by the children or the husband or significant other. It used to be that only the most traditional would give mothers rings. Not any longer though. With the new styles and unique looks they now have, they are becoming more and more popular each year.

What is a Mother’s Ring?

A Mothers Ring is a memorial piece of jewelry. It is a gift given to mothers and grandmothers. It is often used to represent one’s family which may be living, dead or on the way. It will include the children’s or grandchildren’s birthstones with or without their names engraved on the ring. Normally the birthstones are included of all the children of the wearer. The birthstones selected a dependant upon the birth month of the child. They can be square, round or oval in shape. The ring is created in either sterling silver, 14kt yellow gold, 14kt white gold, rose gold or platinum metals. The cost is dependant on the metal used and if natural, synthetic or imitation birthstones are used.

What are the Popular Types of Family Jewelry?

Well the most popular types of mother’s jewelry are mother’s rings and pendants. You also always see those mother and child rings and pendants everywhere. Now we don’t sell many of those, as most people purchasing our jewelry have numerous children or want to include both parents. Our jewelry showcases the birthstones of the child, children or grandchildren. Many customers actually add the mother’s birthstone and father’s birthstone in the ring as well. Some go further and include an engraving of the children’s names on the ring itself.

Cool RingsGenuine/Real vs Synthetic/Fake Birthstones

This is a big problem in this market. Companies advertising their birthstones as real or genuine while they are actually synthetic or man-made. When shopping for a mother’s ring, if the price is really cheap, it could be a number of things:

  • It’s not solid gold or platinum. Could be plated, could be a hollow ring, could be silver.
  • They are using synthetic or fake birthstones, not genuine ones.
  • The quality of the birthstones is poor.

Not to toot our own horn, but the rings we make are all solid gold or platinum. We also sell sterling silver, but not nearly as popular. The rings we sell are much heavier than ones you will find elsewhere. Also, we only use the highest quality gemstones available…and our gemstones are real. This means it will be more expensive, but you will be getting a much more beautiful piece that will also last much, much longer.

What Finger do you Where a Mother’s Ring on?

This is a very popular question we receive all the time. First, it should be worn alone on the finger. It shouldn’t be next to any other rings. It is commonly worn on the left or right hand ring finger. We have had customers choose certain styles as thumb rings, but it’s very rare. Another choice is the finger next to your wedding ring finger. That is also an option, but not very common. At the end of the day though, it's your jewelry and you can wear it on whatever finger you want to.

On a side note, we have actually had customers ask us to design mother’s rings for tattoos! They just wanted us to come up with a design to use as a tattoo instead of wearing an actual mothers ring!

Can you add to a Mother’s Ring?

This is another question we receive a lot. Say you purchase ring and it has the birthstones of your two kids. Then a year later you have another child?! What becomes of your mothers ring! Well there are a couple options:

  • You choose a stackable style mounting. This way you can just continue to add more and more rings when you need them. You won’t get the best designs with this option, but it allows you to easily add more birthstones if you need them.
  • Find a design that allows for more birthstones. You will be really limited with this choice. Not too many rings allow for more birthstones. Some do though. Better options are available for pendants if you take this route. But if you have questions about this, be sure to contact us to see if we can help.
  • The last option is we can melt the ring down and possibly use the metal towards a new custom design, and keep your old birthstones to use in the new ring. The melting down process doesn’t always work though, so make sure to contact us with questions.

I only have One Child, What Mother’s Ring Should I Choose?

Many customers don’t want to purchase a ring with a single birthstone. The biggest complaint is that it looks like a birthstone ring, which it sort of is, but can be easily mistaken. So how to solve this? The most popular way is to either add the mother’s birthstone to the ring or have the mother and father’s birthstones on the outside of the ring with the child’s birthstone in the center. Then it really represents the entire family!

Setting a Mothers RingWhat Types of Metals are Available?

Now most of what you see on Amazon, Etsy, Walmart of eBay will be sterling silver or gold plated. While we do offer sterling silver, our rings are custom designed right in our shop, so we are able to offer a lot more metals to choose from:

  • 10kt Gold
  • 14Kt Yellow Gold
  • 14kt White Gold
  • 18kt White Gold
  • 18kt Yellow Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Palladium
  • Platinum

So many different metals to choose from. And if there is a design you saw somewhere you like, we can pretty much duplicate it in any metal you like.

Are Your Mother's Rings Rhodium Plated?

All mother's rings set in white gold are rhodium plated in house by our designers. Rhodium plated is a benefit as it helps those with white gold allergies and also makes your ring appear much whiter than white gold does.

What are the Different Styles of Mother’s Rings?

Our mother’s jewelry comes in a variety of styles. From modern, to contemporary, antique/vintage…we have designs for any look. You can find prong set settings, channel set, bezel set, baguette and more. Almost any type of setting you can think of we have done or can do it!

How Much Does a Mothers Ring Cost?

Sterling silver will be much cheaper than in gold or platinum metals. Natural birthstones will cause the price to be much more expensive than synthetic or imitation birthstones. This is why while shopping our collection you will notice our pricing is higher than you may find in other online websites or retail stores. It is because we only use the absolute best gemstones and heavier mountings with all our jewelry. The mothers rings you will find on Amazon or Walmart will be much cheaper, but the quality cannot compare.

Can I Design my own Mother’s Ring?

Yes, while we have tons of different styles of personalized mountings, you can choose to design you own. You can either send us a picture of something you like or just tell us the style you are looking for and we can create something unique and one of a kind just for you. We have a full time in-house designer that has designed most of the rings on our website and would love to design you something one of a kind.

Are Engraved Rings Popular?

While many people choose the purchase engraved mountings, they are not the best. Why? It really limits the styles of rings you can get, especially if you have more than one or two names you are trying to put on the rings. Plus over time the name can be damaged during normal wear and tear. 

What are Stackable Mothers Rings?

Stackable mothers rings are actually quite popular. The reason they are normally more simple than other designs, can be less expensive, and allow you to add more rings as you have more children. But those same reasons are why customers choose not to buy a stackable design. If you have a lot more children, that is a lot of rings on your finger. Because each birthstone has it's own ring, it can get pretty expensive as well. And of course, the designs are more limited in order to make them stackable.

How many Stones can be set into a Mother’s Ring?

While it depends wear you ultimately decide to purchase your ring, you should be able to do almost any number of birthstones. As you increase the number of birthstones, the styles become more and more limited. We actually offer from 1 to 12 stone rings. And if you take a look at our selection, while you can choose from dozens of styles for 1,2,3,4,5 stone rings, once you get to 6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12 stone rings, the designs become more limited.

Mother’s Rings for Twins

This is another popular ring that we make. One for twins. Now there is really nothing different about a ring for twins; they will just have the same birthstones. Some parents don’t like the way the ring looks with two of the same birthstone next to each other. Now there is one way we have changed rings up for twins in the past. But it really only works for certain months. For example, January. January is Garnet. Now Garnets are available in many different colors. Some are most expensive than others. But you would have a different color for each birthstone. Maybe one red, one green, but both Garnet. This is one way to switch it up with twins. The other way we do it is having the mom’s birthstone between the two twin’s birthstones. The separates up the colors and looks quite good. You would just look for a three stone ring in that case.

Are you Mother's Rings Rhodium Plated?

Every white gold mother's ring is rhodium plated. This not only helps those with allergies, but it makes the ring appear much whiter than normal white gold does. This used to be a request made by customers, and now it is a benefit we add to all mother's rings set in white gold.

Different Cuts for Mothers Rings

The best thing about being able to custom create jewelry is that we can use a variety of gemstone cuts within our jewelry. So you can find much more than just round birthstones. The following shapes are what we have available for our jewelry:

  • Round Gemstones
  • Oval Gemstones
  • Square Gemstones
  • Princess Cut Gemstones
  • Baguette Gemstones
  • Marquise Gemstones
  • Rectangle Gemstones
  • Heart Gemstones

Any shape birthstone you want, we can make a ring with it!


We hope that this answers many of the questions you might have about mother’s rings in family jewelry in general. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us. You can speak to me, Steve Moriarty, or anyone else at our shop (you can see everyone here) as we would all be happy to help you. You can also read some of our reviews here.

Thank you,

Steve Moriarty

Steve Moriarty

Owner of MothersFamilyRings.com