Besides being the prestige metal, recognized for its rarity and high value, platinum has long term durability and it is naturally whiter than white gold. Platinum is well suited for those with allergies to the nickel alloys in gold, it is hypo-allergenic and also highly resistant to tarnishing. Being less hard compared to white gold platinum will require polishing more often than white gold to maintain its highly reflective finish. Platinum is so rare It is estimated that if all the platinum ever mine where poured into an Olympic sized swimming pool it would barely cover your ankles.

The significant difference in price of platinum is not only due to its higher cost per ounce. It is of higher purity than white gold with platinum being between 90% and 95 % pure, while 14kt gold is 58% pure. Platinum also is denser and weighs 1.6 times that of 14 kt white gold. A ring that weighs 5 grams in white gold would weigh 8 grams in platinum. Platinum is also much more difficult to cast and finish. Check out our mothers rings homepage for all selections.