Matching Sibling Rings: The Perfect Gift for Sisters

by Steve Moriarty July 19, 2019

Matching Sibling Rings: The Perfect Gift for Sisters

If you have made it here, you can see that our family designs mother's jewelry, well actually all types of jewelry. But for this website, we are showcasing the mothers jewelry we have created over the years. Now we get a lot of questions about sister rings, sometimes called matching sibling rings. Because of that, I wanted to talk more about these custom designed rings that are perfect for siblings, specifically sisters and daughters. All of our rings are available in sterling silver, gold or platinum metals.

What is a Sibling Ring?

A sibling ring is a ring designed for daughters or sisters. It's a ring that consists of the all the sister's birthstones and given to each sister. They are matching rings. We sell many of these around Christmas as gifts for sisters and daughters. They are usually two ways these are given as gifts:

  • The mother gives each daughter a ring with all the sister's birthstones
  • One of the sisters buys the other sister(s) a ring with everyone's birthstones and buys themselves one as well.

Now we know the costs can go up because many times you are buying multiple rings. That is why we recommend that you give us a call to see what kind of price we can give you on multiple rings to help with the high expense. Here are our top sellers for sister rings in two stones, which is the most popular amount.

How to Choose a Sibling Ring?

The best way to do this is to just go through all the mother's ring designs we have. None of our rings with say sibling, but they can all be used as sibing rings. Choose one style, which you both will wear, so they match. Just go ahead and choose them here.

Steve Moriarty
Steve Moriarty

Steve Moriarty has been in the jewelry industry for over 30 years. Steve is not only a jeweler, but a gem cutter and designer. He has traveled the world in search of gemstone rough and has owned a retail jewelry store for 20 years located in Crown Point, Indiana.