Modern Mothers Rings

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Looking for a modern mother's ring?

Here at Mother's Family Rings, we understand the importance of keeping up with jewelry trends. This is why we provided a guide on the top modern mothers rings to make it easier to pick the perfect ring. Picking the best modern mothers ring depends on the mother and her style, so we want to make sure that style reflects perfectly. 

But what is a modern mother's ring? Modern Rings for 2020 have evolved into organic and fluid designs. Modern Mothers Rings have a spin on classic takes to tell a story and give individuality. Modern Mothers Rings typically have simple designs with clean lines, shapes, and colors.

Modern Mothers Rings Designs 

mothers family rings modern rings princess square

Princess Square Style

Princess Cuts are considered the most magical and romantic modern ring style to date. It's the 2nd most popular cut. Princess Box Cut comes in either a prong setting or channel, where the edges of the gem you choose are protected, giving it a square shape. 

mothers family rings modern rings minimalist style

Minimalist Style

The minimalist style is also known as a solitaire ring is one of the top modern styles of 2020. There are two focuses on this ring, the quality of the smooth band, and the gem in the middle. The Minimalist Modern Ring stands out the most from others. 

mothers family rings modern rings swirl style

Swirl Style

The swirl style ring are on top of modern mothers rings. Also called the twist rings, they take the classic style and add a modern twist having a minimal band with the stones on top only. 

mothers family rings modern rings bypassstyle

Bypass Style

Bypass Style Rings have become more popular because of their meaning. You get a smooth band that wraps around your finger gently, joining in the middle by your mothers stone. It's the most emotional mothers modern ring. Add as many stones in the middle, and it symbolizes souls coming together in one. 

Mother's Family Rings can even make you a modern family ring from the design you choose. If you like, you can email or call us and give us a design, and we can make something similar so your ring is completely unique to you and your family. 

Ring Material you can choose from include:


  • Yellow Gold
  • White Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Platinum
custom rings by mothers family rings
mothers family rings modern rings in gold
mothers family rings modern rings in white gold
mothers family rings modern rings in rose gold
mothers family rings modern rings in platinum