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Secure Shopping at

Here at we take security very seriously. We are partnered with Thawte - one of the worlds leading online transaction security specialists used by thousands of online retailers across the world on millions of secure transactions.

Information Encryption: use a Thawte SSL Super Certificates to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from our site - so your information is kept safe.

Server Authentication: use thawte SSL server certification to constantly authenticate and verify our server - keeping our server safe and sound every minute of the day.

Look for the 'S' in the payment page address bar: Check for the s in https (stands for secure) in the address bar of our shopping cart. The shopping cart is where you go to enter your details and the s means that we only collect our customers details from a separate secure site.

More about the thawte SCG SuperCert used by

Thawte's SGC SuperCert offers the widest possible software compatibility for 128-bit step-up technology in web browsers and servers.

Thawte's SGC SuperCert also automatically steps up to 128-bit encryption for certain end-users with the Windows 2000 operating system who, in the past, would not receive 128-bit encryption irrespective of the version of Internet Explorer used. The systems affected are those that shipped prior to about March of 2001 and did not subsequently have Microsoft's High Encryption pack or Service Pack 2 installed. thawte's SGC SuperCert ensures that all these site visitors enjoy the protection of the strongest SSL encryption available to them.

Thawte's SGC SuperCert certification practices are of the highest standard. Stringent authentication and verification procedures are absolutely essential in order to ensure trust on the Internet.

Thawte is the Certification Authority of choice for a significant portion of the world market - a direct result of superior products, and unequalled levels of customer service.